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I am a graphic design student, painter, blogger, vlogger, and live streamer. My goal is to spread “punshine” to inspire and motivate people to live their best life. All my content has a strong focus on expression, self-acceptance, fostering friendships, mental health, and community interaction.

I used to be bullied and always felt alone. I was quiet, shy, & afraid. I choose to be brave every day & smile because I believe everyone deserves happiness. I strive to spread positivity by acceptance & helping others feel loved.

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We stream creative endeavors like Minecraft, Ukulele, Painting, & lots of chatting.


I broadcast LIVE 2 times a week Thursday and Friday 4pm-8pm EST.

I am a creative streamer, and play a variety of games such as Minecraft, Terraria, and Stardew Valley. I also paint, sing, and play the ukulele! Say hello in real time!

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As a creative and avid amateur photographer, Instagram is where I share my best photography, art, selfies, music, and real time updates with my life daily via IG stories! Get a behind-the-scenes look into my life and adventures!

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Watch my advice videos, vlogs, ukulele covers, podcasts, and best stream highlights on my YouTube channel! I post videos twice a week on Sunday and Tuesday at 2pm EST.

We also share footage from our Minecraft server, Punshine Valley!

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I am open to collaboration, sponsorships, and charity work. Please use the form to the right or email me directly at contact@punflower.tv - thank you!

Please allow 24-96 hours for a response. Thanks for your patience!

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Studying in NYC, based in Los Angeles, California. I am available to meet in person or via Skype/Discord. I can also work remotely.


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