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Content Creator, Streamer, & Graphic Designer

Welcome punshine!

My name is Janine, but I’m also known as punFLOWER. I am a graphic design graduate student, artist, content creator, and streamer. My focus is on fostering gratitude and mindfulness through a holistic health perspective. I engage with my audience via interactive live streams, tarot readings, social media, and inspirational YouTube videos. My content has a strong focus on expression, self-acceptance, accessing intuition, and building community.

I used to be bullied as a child and have always felt alone. I have an anxiety disorder and I’ve also survived domestic violence. I was quiet, shy, & afraid. I choose to be brave and live my best life because I believe everyone deserves happiness, including ourselves.

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Janine offers personalized Tarot readings through her live streams on Twitch, Discord in an exclusive for Twitch subscribers, and offers private readings for sale via her shop.



The heart and soul of what Janine does revolves around her community, The Punshines! Janine organizes events, activities, and works on new ways to help people feel a sense of belonging.



Janine is both a traditional and digital artist. She creates paintings, illustrations, and products to better the lives of others. Janine is heavily influenced by nature and her experiences.