About Janine . . .


I became ‘punflower’ when I decided to try streaming. I’ve always wanted to connect with others and knew this is something I wanted to pursue.
— Janine

Basic Information:

Age: 24 turning 25 soon
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity: Filipina & Indian
Race: Asian-American
Degree: Graphic Design
Identities: Vegetarian, Ally
Religion: Raised Catholic, but more spiritual
Likes: Astrology, Tarot, Animals, Decorating, Food, Painting,
Cosplay, Anime, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Fashion, Health

Janine, a.k.a. punFLOWER, is a graphic designer, graduate student, artist, streamer, and content creator.

Born and raised in Southern California, Janine always had a passion for content-creation. She started at the age of 15 posting her art on Tumblr, and her drive for sharing her spirit ignited. She joined Twitch in 2017, where she honed in her talent of entertaining and building a community. After experiencing a burnout and what the universe would say, was a “wake-up call”, she has been healing and redefining herself and path.

What started as a journey to aid other’s mental health, quickly turned into a deep spiritual journey of taking care of her own. As she continues her hiatus, she prepares for the next chapter of her life. From moving across country to practicing tarot, to tirelessly working on perfecting her “brand”, Janine is taking her journey in her hands and leaving the rest to God. She has decided to focus on her happiness and health, stream on Mixer, and create content out of expression rather than necessity.

Janine believes in fate and faith. She trusts that everything will be incredible and that the universe is abundant.

She invites you to join along her journey of healing, love, and light.